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How to effortlessly propagate your succulent!

The succulent in the photo is one of my favorites and its scientific name is Crassula Perfossa. Propagate succulents is an easy process and you can follow the same process with almost all succulent,but it needs patients, you have to be careful not move the plant all the time, to see if it has the… Continue Reading →

Saving a young pine tree

These days are difficult for everyone but I am lucky enough to live close to nature, so I took the chance, since we are allowed here in Greece, to go out in the forest for a little walk. I found this small pine next to road where cars and people walk by, holding from a… Continue Reading →

How to Grow Pistachio Tree

The first thing you must never forget is that from this little seed, a beautiful tree will eventually grow and there is no need for you to be in a hurry.You have to wait patiently for your tree to bear its fruits and you should enjoy the feeling of excitement that offers you seeing a… Continue Reading →

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